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Post  Wendy Cockcroft on Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:58 am

Let's all be civil to each other. Disagreements will arise but if we work together we can achieve a lot more than if we don't.

All trolls will be banned. The moderators will decide who is or who isn't a troll. Basically it's someone who comes in JUST to start a fight or set our members against each other.

No spamming. The moderators will decide who is or isn't spamming. Basically it's people who make random off-topic posts or post nonsense.

All posts must be in English so that all of us can understand each other.

No abusive behaviour of any kind will be tolerated. This means no name-calling, slander, or back-biting of members or friends of members.

Keep profanity to a minimum, please, per Forumotion TOS.

No indecent or illegal images.

No hotlinking. Download any image you like, then upload it to Photobucket or whatever, then post it here.

Always cite your sources where possible.

Unless you're copying a piece of work that permits you to copy and distribute in full, only post a link and a brief excerpt to whatever work you're referring to, e.g. blog posts.
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